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Street Petes CONVOY

It’s been a while since anything was posted here due to BigRigShots co-working on The CONVOY facebook community page. There will be a CONVOY of trucks going from Grayling, MI to St. Ignace, MI on September 12,  2013. Anyone can join. It’s taking place on Thursday then there is truckshow on Friday and Saturday. It is trucker’s family gathering. For those on facebook, here is a link:

Few pictures from the project:

Street Petes CONVOY 017 bStreet Petes CONVOY 99 Street Petes CONVOY 097 Street Petes CONVOY 093 Street Petes CONVOY 070 Street Petes CONVOY 069 Street Petes CONVOY 068 Street Petes CONVOY 066 Street Petes CONVOY 064 Street Petes CONVOY 063 Street Petes CONVOY 054 Street Petes CONVOY 050 Street Petes CONVOY 045 Street Petes CONVOY 042 Street Petes CONVOY 039 Street Petes CONVOY 034 Street Petes CONVOY 022

Convoy. The Word Is Spreading

I just talked to the driver of this rig – it wasn’t long conversation. It was short conversation – I only asked him if he would consider taking part in CONVOY  on September 12 in Michigan and he said he would. Everyone else is reacting the same way. It is coming.

PolskaJazdaCollection1428 i of PolskaJazdaCollection1428 h PolskaJazdaCollection1428 f PolskaJazdaCollection1428 a

Bj Carr. Smart Outlaw Kid

Funny how just couple hours after exchanging few words on Keep On Trucking facebook group I suddenly run into him at Ocean Mist in Castroville, CA. He is backin up and just walking down the trailer to open the doors when talkin on the phone at the same time. What did I do? I pulled the horn like a complete moron would – three long pulls at that, like he is blocking my way and I am in a big hurry –  except he is not blocking anyone, but couldn’t even see me.  This make me laugh hard – I knew it aggravated him because its very easy to have truckers mad at California coolers – most of them are already pissed waiting for hours just to be lied again on the phone about how their product is going to be ready soon just to… wait few more hours – getting produce loaded sucks bad. My extremely sophisticated joke worked only  partially though – Bj peeks out of the trailer and immediately recognizes my ride and waves me laughing, which is puzzling AND NICE because we have never met yet – apparently it pays to have chicken lights in all the wrong places. But he admits – hearing my horn made him wanna slap that idiot into face coz when his broker didn’t lie (wow) – the bad news was that even though they got him a door – the product wasn’t ready and wont be for next 2 hours so he can kiss his 3 next appointments goodbye. At least we could have nice chat – this young dude from Jackson, MS is way too smart for his 25 years life and lots of this came from his big trucking family – he started driving when 13 or 14 yo. “Where I am from you can’t be weak minded because you will become product of your environment”  he says. So he runs this high mileage 2013 Volvo like it was some Grumman evaluation unit – “I have few nephews to take care of,  show them a way out of trouble, all I can do is give all the glory n praise to my parents (both deceased) for raising the hard working man I am today”.  That’s how we get real truckers after all – and that’s what made this Volvo look so good that night.


PolskaJazdaCollection1427 PolskaJazdaCollection1427 a PolskaJazdaCollection1427 e PolskaJazdaCollection1427 h PolskaJazdaCollection1427 g  PolskaJazdaCollection1427 d




FLC Shaker. The Last Gunfighter

This is the last true American Freightliner – built before Germans took over in early 90’s. Before that… deadly games of pride were played and livin’ was mistakes not made – according to Johny Cash. Those trucks are mostly roaming wild workhorses and rarely you see them customized – but when you do… well its pure c l a s s. Just look at the white&green one below. Their drivers are almost always old hands who been doing this for a while, so long that they don’t even wave when passing by. No. They don’t wave that nice little trucker’s handshake. They throw WHOLE ARM and you can almost hear them screaming “Hell yeah! whatta ride!!!” with that crazy, happy smile on their face. The kinda smile only passionate drivers still have after thirty to fifty years behind that big, 18-inch steering wheel. Except you don’t hear shit since those trucks are loud, iron rambling devices –  the one at the bottom is 1984 with CAT 3406B, unfortunately some hot California Cowgirl pulled into that little truckstop and derailed our discussion, so no more mechanical data is available at the time of publishing this article.PolskaJazdaCollection1426 PolskaJazdaCollection1425 PolskaJazdaCollection1403 b PolskaJazdaCollection1254 PolskaJazdaCollection1419 PolskaJazdaCollection1393 PolskaJazdaCollection1340 PolskaJazdaCollection1423PolskaJazdaCollection1424

Cole. Lights In The Tunnel

There is old school of photography saying you need to come up with a situation plan for interior pictures – because you need to think of exact light positioning, right angles, shadows and such. I don’t have any idea about those things whatsoever because I’m no photographer. So, when last night I noticed bunch of bullhaulers behind me I was wondering how to grab a few shots of leading rig because it was awesome Peterbilt 362 “E”, the latest model of Peterbilt cabover I think. One shinny piece of trucking history rolling thru Nevada. It was late and weather was bad but we were coming toward a tunnel and it was perfect interior for some amateur photography. Problem was, they were behind me and not really crazy about passing me in the tunnel so I needed some bright idea to get that rare Pete in hammer lane and came up with very ugly plan. Quarter mile before the tunnel I turned right blinker and kept it on, like I’m going to take an off ramp. The driver noticed this strange behavior and took his rig to the left lane – good deal, I thought. Now, as we entered the tunnel I moved to part two – taped the brakes and started slowing down, just barely, like I’m gonna really take that non-existing exit leading to imaginary truckstop. I knew, this trucker is well seasoned veteran who knows that this happens once in a while. Thing was, we were in a tunnel. Yes, you got that right – he dropped the hammer running for his life thru the tunnel like it nobody business. And thats exactly what I wanted – the kinda pictures were never taken before.  Sometimes I think my life would be easier with working CB.

PolskaJazdaCollection1395 ePolskaJazdaCollection1395 aPolskaJazdaCollection1395 dPolskaJazdaCollection1395 cPolskaJazdaCollection1395 b

10-4 Magazine. Worldwide.

Here comes my little glory moment – first full-page trucking picture in trucking magazine distributed worldwide. I highly doubt there is another printed publication about trucks that can be picked up from a rack in America, Australia, Asia and… Europe (imagine that) while still being FREE. Quality all around at no charge. This kind of enterprise can only be possible in California and only by bunch of extraordinary people. I’m still not sure how and why they let me be part of this operation but there is more secrets to be revealed in September issue due to Magazine’s 10-th Anniversary anyway. If you are new to trucking and not sure what the hell I am talking about check this: 10-4 Magazine or the Facebook page or The Spirit Of American Trucker

Just be forewarned – if you never had anything to do with US truckers… it may blow you out of your socks.


MATS 2013 – Lightshow

We like it bright. So other lost highway souls can have something to follow up on.

PolskaJazda MATS 2013 100 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 101 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 102 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 103 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 104 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 105 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 106 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 107 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 108 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 109 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 110 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 111 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 112 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 113 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 114 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 115 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 116 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 117 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 118 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 119 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 120 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 121 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 122 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 123 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 124 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 125 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 126MATS 3012

MATS 2013 – Daylight


Few more shots

PolskaJazda2013 MATS 034 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 033PolskaJazda2013 MATS 001 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 002 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 003 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 004 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 005 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 006 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 008 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 009 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 010 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 011 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 012 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 013 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 014 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 015 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 016 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 017 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 018 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 019 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 020 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 021 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 022 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 023 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 024 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 025 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 026 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 027 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 028 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 029 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 030 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 031 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 032 RAW_2726 RAW_2902

MATS 2013 – Getting Ready

Here a are few pics from the Wendnesday evening and then late, cold night when everyone is doing finishing touches to get that “killer” look for coming opening.

PolskaJazda2013  ATS 28 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 27 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 26 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 25 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 22 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 21 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 20 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 19 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 18 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 17 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 16 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 15 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 14 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 13 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 11 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 12 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 10 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 08 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 05 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 04 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 03 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 02

Dangerous Minds

Those guys are still out there and rolling smoke like they used to in the sixties. They are posing  extreme danger to todays status quo set up between main stream media, big corporations and their puppet  politicians with their own army of dumb servants – government workers. The order they have created serves them well at the cost of single citizen working his ass to have ends meet.  Now, this is where the problem is starting to grow very fast: The Internet and Facebook allows for extremely fast and intense knowledge transfer and these old dogs are diggin it. That is right. Old Skool truckers are computer smart and started networking a while ago. And they blow youngsters minds with the stories that are big blast from the past. All this fake modern world created to be human farm is being compromised by truth from the guys who could build truck out of trailer and feed whole village if need be. Young means fool but it also mean good eye. We might be dumb. But we sure are not blind. It’s not that hard to figure out who is wrong and who is right – you want to save the climate? Come here and grab those stacks – and let’s see what you gonna eat

PolskaJazdaCollection1372 PolskaJazdaCollection1372 b PolskaJazdaCollection1372 a PolskaJazdaCollection1371

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