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Volvo’s secret weapon for 2012

Here is my first close encounter with newest, updated and widely advertised VN. When Volvo – World’s biggest truck maker (or second, not sure) release new stuff everyone is watching because it sure is big player widely recognized thanks to their excellent implementation of vacuum cleaner shapes into hood. These folks brought here integral sleepers in the 80’s too, because sleeping was always important part of European trucking and that’s their historical input – trucks that are great when parked. Those qualities became even more handy when Volvo USA decided to start selling their own engines – all those drivers waiting for parts or qualified mechanics to fill out the job application form and get hired just in time to install them parts when they arrive from that long trip overseas – these drivers sure appreciated the big, comfortable sleepers when parked at various Volvo dealership locations. Enough history – we are talking 2012 model. The groundbreaking change is in the mirrors. Thats right, they figured the mirrors are the only and last weak point on the VN and redesigned them completely so they can claim huge, 3% fuel efficiency gains. The market is holding its breath.

Volvo VN for 2012

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