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EGR Valve – The Most Famous Valve Ever. Orientation

Since October 2002 when Cummins started selling their first EGR engines the Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve pictured below is just never ending fiasco. There is few things I have learned about its ways and here is the first observation. It doesn’t really open all that much for what it’s able to be doing with every single ISX engine. When starts malfunction it can cause anything from slight smoking from the stacks to sudden truck owner bankruptcy. Now, there is no way to save the planet by having this piece of lousy engineering and everyone who buys this dumb idea is ignorant jerk brainwashed by some really powerful lobbies running things. But there is sure way to save the engine. We are going to start some more or less serious discussion about it under new category called “ISX”

Here is the look of the 2006 EGR Valve, the first one – installed on 2002-2006 motors referred often as the one mounted on “the hot side” (exhaust manifold) of the engine as opposed to next generation valve on 2007-2009 ISX-es which was mounted on “the cold side” (air intake). What we learn from this picture is that the thing is cooled with engine coolant and it has EGR Position Sensor mounted on itself. That’s right, it is capable of self-check on its very own performance and reporting that to the ECM (engine computer) so it can do anything from Check Engine Light to seriously derating engine by putting it into limp mode. That’s what happens when desired by ECM position is commanded by sending electrical impulse to EGR Actuator  (which is nothing but small electric motor) but such position is not reached according to EGR Position Sensor. And unfortunately it is very popular scenario.




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  2. Mike

    Great artical, I’m looking at egr delete any info or pic’s on that Thank-you Mike

    November 28, 2012 at 10:42 pm

    • Polska Jazda

      Hey Mike, thanks a lot – I need to come back to “ISX” category before I forget all the details. My EGR problems ended long time ago and it didn’t cost more than 2 EGR gaskets. I’ll locate some pictures and try to write about it as soon as I hit the road again

      November 28, 2012 at 11:01 pm

  3. Joe St Denis

    Excellent article and best picture. My turbo started howling and rumbling sound when I got home last night with my log truck. Assumed it was turbo and this article I just found and read confirms it. My Egr I removed, cut the stem and welded valve with stainless steel welding rod 3-4 year ago and no problem with it since. Only check engine light on. But the oil in engine stays clean much longer now.
    Thanks for a great article and especially the pictures

    September 16, 2016 at 7:24 am

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