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EGR Valve Position Sensor. See it for free

This is one of many sensors on ISX engine but it has one interesting feature – it is built like potentiometer on you old skool car audio. There is no way you can turn it to change the bad valve position – just forget this idea. But there is another one and possibly interesting. If you want to know if your valve is closed, like it should be every time the engine is shut – but you suspect that it is not closed since you are getting CEL (Check Engine Light) and/or you’ll see all the other symptoms (like rolling black smoke from your stacks)… Well, there is probably way to learn about the inside situation without taking it apart from the engine yet. Here are two pictures with EGR Position Sensor unscrewed from the EGR Valve body. That is the bottom, shinning little shaft I promised you will be familiar with if you ever pissed off your father loosing that stereo knob on his Fiat 126p or Chevy Bell Air. Taking that sensor off should not be complicated, all it takes is turning those two little screws. Problem is the rotary movement form back to back is not much – just about 20-30 degrees, thats all. You can’t really be sure, you are not going to register small, milimeter-like diffrence in the Valve position (and its’ enough to start screwing things on ISX). But – if you smart enough to take a look at it when your EGR is still performing well (preferably new), snap a picture of it like I did below – you will have reference for future problems on the side of the road. And remember – The Judgement Day is coming this way or another








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