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I was wrong.

And I admit it. I used to think that all KW 900 “L” drivers are dicks. As opposed to those  driving KW 900 “A” who are always cool truck driving fools from the old skool – it’s just two different generations of people and it’s not limited to trucking, oh no. Somehow we loosing that famous American Kindness as those good old folks retire from life and are being replaced by their sons and grandsons who – let’s be honest -are not up to specs. Spoiled, slacking jerks. My opinion was very well thought out and based on precise observation -one of them filpped me a bird once. Thats right, I know – hard to believe but it happened. He was actually driving Peterbilt, but the bad taste from that sad situation remained for few years and I would avoid publishing of any 900 “L” shots under no circumstances – except if I new the guy to be good dude. But today I was shocked to see this… just pure, perfect happiness behind the wheel. This is not a joke. Click on the pic, zoom it. People this happy are unable to be pricks.

Ladies and Gentleman. Diller Company, Myerstown, PA:

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  1. Doug Kratz (justdoug)

    Thanks for the photo and shout-out to my dispatcher,Scott Diller ofDiller Company. Great guy with some great trucks (and drivers!!!) Keep up the good work Art

    January 27, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    • Polska Jazda

      It was pleasure, especially when I realized they were having fun too – now, when you saying it was company truck… I’m in awe! Because we are talking true family trucking operation and it just can’t get better than that. When you need friends for a drivers because you have show trucks to make money with – that is top in this business. Besides, I think this 900 is matching Vinnie creations – it’s also so well balanced. Just great job, wish I could see the “A”. And thanks for compliments, Doug!

      January 29, 2012 at 8:03 am

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