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EGR Valve Location

There is a growing number of people asking the question: “where is this damn EGR Valve located?” It is located just a few inches away from the first cylinder exhaust and that is also the reason why everyone with smoking ISX wants to find it – It works right in the stream diesel fumes leaving the cylinder: up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit  (850 degrees Celsius) under hard pulls which is obviously killing it. These are temperatures existing on the sides of erupting volcano but thing is, EGR Valve greased (!) mechanism is there to withstand it for years and hundreds of thousands miles. I think the reason why it sits there is… to save EGR Cooler from that heat – EGR Valve isn’t always open and often is opened partially seriously limiting the flow of hot exhaust thru its route and thus limiting exposure. When they moved it to the “cold side” in 2007 – EGR Coolers started failing even more often and it is way worse failure since leads to coolant intrusion into engine oil. Here is the situation on 2003-2006 ISX:

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