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The Peterbilt People

One of the most amazing things about American Trucking is that never ending battle between two extreme fractions. First: Hardcore Conservaties – people who say you are not allowed to make changes to what Peterbilt Factory created because if you do it’s not going to reflect the way they were building them trucks at that time. You can kill the spirit and end up with worthless, undesired piece of steel on wheels. They believe in Intelligent Design and are happy with it. They are satisfied.

And… then there is opposition, The Dark Forces Of Progress. These folks believe there is better way and will go extra mile to find it. They are not afraid to take some really extreme measures, serious stuff that wouldn’t even cross true Conservatives mind. Like, for example shaving the headlights off the radiator.

On the top of these two we will have few folks that are totally out of this world and there is serious doubt if we will ever have them back. They are probably possessed by Kenworth lobby or were simply abducted in early years. Nobody knows what really happened so when they roll into truckstops conversations get muted and everyone is watching with disbelief:

Jokes aside, most of these guys are hard working, God-fearing family supporters. It really takes faith to stay on the road as an O/O in the pagan days we see lately


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