Pictures of Big Shots


When I was still living in the “Old World” I would often hear claims that Americans have no history long enough to have traditions and so there is no culture and if it is – it would be shallow like puddle from rat piss. You know, Europe is 4,500 years old (or so they say) thus they are so rich in old architecture and invented automobiles and shit. Well, let me show you something about American Culture. Look at this image below – it pictures some front yard along US20 on Indiana/Ohio stateline with 30 years old Extended Hood “A”, right? Well, the thing  is that American Farmers are really nice people and instead of saying “no!, no no no no it’s not for sale, never was, I’m so fed up with you all assholes banging on my doors day and night I would shoot you all if only had enough ammo” – instead he would just put that nice little cut corners plate saying “N O”. That is all about our American Architecture. We love to work it.


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