Pictures of Big Shots

I got loaded.

When you on your own, it is not easy to get loaded because it all depends on your own skills. There is no boss to tell you when and where you have to be and go – and some people miss those call from their lovely dispatchers (yeah, right) but produce haulers in the wintertime face bigger problems. There is no demand. No freight. And rates are shit. So, you really need a good plan to get back to the road. Here is what I did. Last year I planted that winter-vacation idea into my lovely wife cute head – I did it around November because good plan is always well timed one. Now, I waited patiently till she booked the cheapest package we could afford to take our 3-year old to his first family vacation – and it took a while because she makes good deals only. No bad deals allowed. So, after she nailed it I go: “Honey, do we need money?”  because I knew she will feel bad after spending this kinda money and… there still will be no reason to go. But the first base was covered. Then, I have seen one bad picture posted on the internet by my friend Gene Petrosky: back of his trailer totally covered with snow and ice – and this made me have those flashbacks from past ice storms in Wyoming again – you know that kinda things you will remember because it scared you shitless… so I went to Salinas and got loaded.



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