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The “BigMoney” Myth

Here is another myth about US Owner-Operators: they make big money. This belief need to be corrected as well – single tire can cost even $1000 now, fuel is very expensive, we all know how expensive fuel is, right? Fuel is so expensive, people go broke just from looking at the posted price, much less buying 250 gallons (!) of it – nobody can afford to buy it, not even rich people can pay that much thus drive hybrids. And how about truck parts? Inferior Chinese/Mexican quality plus $100/h labor… and this blah blah and that blah blah blah blah it all sucks blah blah blah blah.

On the top of that can you imagine electric bill for running all those lights and heating/cooling cost for that big sleeper? Of course there is no money in trucking as there is no cowboys but… the Swift is hiring – that’s where the money is (if you are an idiot)


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