Pictures of Big Shots

The Judgement Day

“Oh, Dear Lord I’m so glad to see you! When my wife couldn’t find a job and my sons were considering joining the Army I was praying every time I had to climb mountain pass so my old shaker won’t blow the gasket… so I can deliver just one more load  and my boys won’t have to go to war. That old girl never let us down and our family could stand up against evil times for so long… It was beautiful fight we have had… Thank You Lord, we did all right”



“Sir, I wasn’t aware you really exist, but let me explain – when we were moving all those factories from US soil to China we didn’t realize it will wreck all those American families and make Chinese communist so rich they will become superpower and force  that crazy military spending upon us. But when the war started someone had to supply them both sides with weapon anyway, right? Lord, I was really trying to repent, I got me that electric car – I was told it’s all about karma and money flow. Lord? why you are fading away…why its getting so dark?? heeeellllll……p”

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