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Green Trucks

There is so much confusion about what green trucks are and what are not – government officials who get paid for pushing climate-warming agenda want us to believe, that green trucks need to act as an air-purifiers: suck up dirty air, burn diesel with it and… blow clean air out of the stacks. Making power to pull the load is just an option at this point and so is reliability of the “filter” as long as they don’t pay the bills. These folks are idiots who never had a real job and lately they proved that exposure to “particulate matter 2.5” (thats what we need the failing DPF for) has… no effect on human health. That is right, after years of fear mongering they finally started (in 2010) doing some studies and came up with… NOTHING. No proof. All the EPA2007 and up motors are not any greener than other diesels – just way more expensive in upkeep. So, screw that, here are truly green trucks – the ones that don’t eat resources coz don’t need to be replaced every 2 years, don’t ruin trucker families and don’t make road hazard parked on the shoulder with the flashers on




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