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Truckers Jamboree 2012. Part Two

Here is why we love good truckers and how they have tremendous impact on our reality we are living in. If you slowly look at those pics below you will be taken back into past as you are. There is few shots with trucks lined up on this TA truckstop (thats what famous Iowa80 really is – a truckstop) parked for the hot summer night, some of the still idling, spreading that humming roar, shining reflected lights and since there is no people around… I felt like I was back in the 60’s… Those old truckers (many of them members of ATHS) make it happen. They do it all the time, every day by driving and keeping their old rigs on the road despite rust, tiredness and all the so-called “progress” – bullshit pretension that our life is going to easy-breezy if we only buy newest truck with 6 computers in it monitoring what we do when we don’t even drive it. Truth is… most of this novelty does nothing to help truckers families since it costs more than it brings to family table.  That’s what was obvious there that night – I loved about those 164 minutes I could spend there. Because if something was good in your life you will remember it forever… its good to see so many truckers loving what they do… Truckshows like this blows people minds in a right way. Make all them more conservative. Exactly the way old school truckers are… and they know how to truck to make a living… I’m so going under my truck right now. I need it to last, so some day in far future I could take it to Walcott


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  1. d.goodan

    Awesome :)

    July 22, 2012 at 6:08 pm

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