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Who want to outlaw good trucks?

Those shots were taken on my way across Central California picking up my load along I-5 so you can see our incredible Valley in the background of those super-clean trucks. They are all damn good looking pieces of solid machinery despite millions of miles on them altogether. None of those proud owners makes big money driving them – the goal here is to just make a living when avoiding uncalled debt staying home with their families instead. Now, most of those stunning classics soon will be banned by some greedy bunch of people who want to make big profits – not by driving trucks though. They want to push overpriced, unreliable $150k devices to the big fleets who otherwise would never be able to compete with true professionals from the pictures. But they will get a break and have new trucks for $99k each (volume discounted Prostars) and hire more unskilled “drivers” from that hundred million unemployed people on the welfare. That is what greed is doing to the small, family owned businesses in America – greed eats them alive and “cleaning the air” is just a convenient smoke screen to what is really going on: aggressive takeover by small bunch of liars who don’t know what honor is – big fleet owners, truck/engine makers and politicians are in it together, no doubt about it.


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  1. dg

    That is so true.Terrible to see these true proven machines banned from the highways.

    August 11, 2012 at 5:57 pm

  2. bart

    Witaj, fotki jak zwykle “bajka” wchodzę jak zawsze z nadzieją że będzie coś po Polsku, cóż, może kiedyś Znajdziesz czas. Ja właśnie stawiam pierwsze kroki w zawodzie, od poniedziałku zaczynam jazde, transport drewna

    August 15, 2012 at 4:17 am

    • Polska Jazda

      Czesc Bartek, juz dawno obiecywalem po Polsku pisac ale nie wiem wcale, czy tak duzo znowu osob z olski przychodzi czytac tutaj to raz a dwa to nie mam czasu, zeby pisac nawet o angielsku – te posty sa skrobane gdzies tam wczasie nocnych przelotow na pustyniach a kiedy trucka parkuje to znaczy, ze sie juz nie nadaje do niczego nie mowiac o tworczosci literackiej. Ale wielkie dzieki za komentarz, zaraz napisze po Polsku pierwszy tekst

      August 15, 2012 at 9:30 am

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