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So, the appointment for pickup was 6PM but it took 8 hours to get the door, typical deal for this place where they just don’t care – they just pay $40/h detention to the brokers, who hold to it – this way the longer it takes, the more money they make when drivers just sit for free. But finally I backed into door 22 and went to sleep, because I knew its gonna be tough day coz of the delay. 3 hours later I felt side hit and and jumped out of the truck, half asleep and half blind but at least fast enough to take this shot:

The mistake I have made was that you never, ever go to sleep when someone might be backing or doing any maneuvers beside you because these days truck drivers can’t drive. This year alone I pulled the horn TWICE saving my trailer from ugly damage from them unexperienced / unskilled drivers. But you gotta be awake to do it. Good thing was, the driver, young half-Russian half-Armenian immigrant was smart enough to be backing very slowly, and he just touched my trailer. Damage to S/S walls is irrational to fix, it’s not worth fixing due the rivets being stainless steel – to replace the side wall panel the whole inside wall  liner (53″ of it) and some insulation need to be taken apart. I was pissed. But, stayed cool suppressing adrenaline boiling my brain because I fought stronger man yet never about the insurance certificate – so I just took more shots and demanded papers and driver license – which he produced to me when… dearly apologizing for his mistake. I said “Now I’m going to help you back it up”. If you drive a truck for living, you can tell from the picture, this guy is new to this. However, he started to truck… with own 2007 truck (Volvo 780) and 2007 reefer. That was strange to hear but when we talked later on he said he was working construction, electrician, have a wife and kid and always pays for own mistakes because he believes in God and wouldn’t try to run away from any responsibility of any of his action. That’s when I have noticed the cross on his neck. And started connecting the dots – he was no different than who I was few years ago, except even more aggressive and much faster to buy a truck and start family. I went to sleep and woke up 2 hours later because it was still quiet – means I’m not loaded at all. I went pissed again to the shipping office where they told me… there was mistake and the guy… took my load! Now I wasn’t even pissed no more. I was stumbled. The accident took place only by mistake in the shipping department, I should be loaded and gone… the way my new friend was at this moment… We looked into each other eyes and I have seen the lady eyes got wet (seriously) when she said “Im sorry for what happened… He hit you, do you have his cell number?” I catapulted myself thru the door going to grab it from my truck only to… freeze in my tracks seeing… Volvo parked behind the fence. He didn’t go nowhere. He was saying he hit me because was tired – so he stayed here. We woke him up to tell him what happened. Now he looked at me and I shouted “You hit me AND stole my load!” and seeing his still sleeping, puzzled face I started laughing, that was too much to take it seriously – I said “At least we will teach you park properly this time”. I explained him the concept – Evgeniy did it. Perfectly. First shot. He went from the screw up  shown in the picture to perfect – somehow. I’m posting this picture so you know this Russian/Armenian is a good man and my friend now. He speaks good english and don’t get excited easily which is good given the fact that polish and russian special forces don’t get along very well.  Now, if  you wondering  why I’m telling you all this – the reason is that above ridiculous situation caused delay to my another pickup (after I delivered this load) in Idaho where being 60 minutes late (I overslept the moment my trailer was unloaded at Walmart DC) I pulled into Pilot truckstop in McDowell, ID to get fuel and shower and call it a day. Parked the truck in the corner and when left noticed red Peterbilt 377 pulling in – which was looking exactly like the grey 377 I parked beside which made me look back over my shoulder to confirm it and that’s when I noticed there was an old-skool driver sitting behind the wheel smoking cigarette, our eyes crossed and he waved me. Now, I’m approaching the building when suddenly some lady materialize in front of me saying: “I’m 64 old, my car broke and I’m on my way to family reunion in Nephew, UT, are you going south?” I said “No, I’m going North” “Do you  have a CB radio, so I could ask other drivers here?” I said “No, my radio is down. But I know who we can help” And we went back across the truckstop to the guy in the grey Peterbilt because if there is only one person who will help you in todays world – it sure be old truck driver. That’s just how they are. During the walk I noticed she was afraid of the trucks and trying to follow me. I explained him whats going on and he jumped out the cab welcoming her to take a seat and talk. She talked, talked again and again but every time she repeated with less energy hearing nothing back when someone replied: “we hear you young lady, it just so happens nobody here is going south”. She looked defeated but only till Bob (the driver) told her that her luggage she just mentioned stayed in the truckstop building is probably gone by now. Now the lady was really scared and I said: “lets go grab it and come back here to Bob’s truck”. We started walking across the parking lot and she started shaking and said with breaking voice: “I believe in God. My husband died 3 months ago but I feel like he is here watching after me all the time”. I said “I’m a believer too, we will replace your husband tonight” which was strange thing to say and I don’t know how come I said it. On the way I asked 3 drivers if they are going south but they were all numb. Luggage was still there in drivers room, kinda heavy so I grabbed it and across the truckstop we went again. Then I left her with Bob and went for shower finally I wanted but there was none ready so had to wait. Then realized its getting dark soon and its going to horrible night to her. Figured… I can let her stay the night in my big bunk then in the morning we go north 45 miles, get loaded and then I was going to go south. Took a shower and walking toward them and here is what I see – Bob smoking another cigarette laughing, the lady sitting in the passenger seat all happy and looking 15 years younger now – they having great time now in sunset rays blazing thru the cigarette smoke dancing to the music playing. I’m like “What happened?” Bobby says “we started talking and figured that after I get unloaded after midnight up north – I’m going West, toward Boise and tomorrow morning her family will be going thru there on the way to Nephew so they can pick her up” I went “Wow, are you saying the solution was here from very beginning?” That’s right, I somehow knew who to talk to from the first moment I met her.  Then Bobby said: “It’s called propheticing and there is a prayer for that, I just forgot what was it but I knew it once, my sister is a missionary”. We all chatted with true happiness and when she went asleep tired in the seat me and Bobby talked a lot – he started driving when big trucks had 160hp and would blow fire from the stacks – we talked for hour or two about trucks and all and exchanged telephone numbers.

Next morning when I got loaded I called Bob to ask how it all went  – he said it was perfect, the family was already waiting when they pulled in… “There is one thing she didn’t mentioned to us yesterday though” “Whats that?”I asked. “They were all going for family reunion but the reason for it was her husband memorial”.

They are here, looking after us.

4 Responses

  1. Red Diesel

    Almost sounds like an episode of “Movin’ On” except there were no criminals after y’all!

    September 14, 2012 at 9:13 am

    • Polska Jazda

      I would not think much about what you just said, but I did. Because I know who you are Red Diesel. I don’ take it lightly. In fact, I’ll work on it. But the idea is yours and will always be

      September 15, 2012 at 7:32 am

      • Red Diesel

        Do you know the TV show I speak of, Art? “Movin’ On” was American TV show in 1974 and 1975.

        It’s airing again on RTV (Retro TV) and I’ve been watching a lot of it. You’d love it!

        September 28, 2012 at 5:39 pm

        • Polska Jazda

          It’s on my list! Thank You for some really serious inspiration, Red Diesel!

          October 6, 2012 at 11:33 pm

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