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Classic Of The Future – 579

I’m slowly realizing what is happening – Denton is pulling another classy stunt with their newest model. Few years ago they cornered Class 8 market with true Classic (389) and true Aero (387) but since they were both extreme wings – they came up with something for everyone – aerodynamic classic: 386. The debate will never end – some say it’s not aero nor it is really classic but whats really matter – they sold a lot of them to old skool truckers/premium fleets that became aware of worsening economy conditions and started thinking about saving fuel. Such a model lineup was pure marketing genius. But now, after 13 years since last truly new model introduction (387 in 1999) – they figure it’s time for new hit – what you see below is the future only truck that will be still called “classic” due to long hood, squared grille and somewhat flat roofline. Kenworth gave up traditional look with their new 680 – Peterbilt did it again….

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