Pictures of Big Shots

The Power Of Brainwash

Here comes a little brainstorm from one of those Russian trucks – I’d say it is the most developed production I have ever seen and it might be worth closer look – you might love America a bit more after that. First thing we see here are big ass simple, rustic letters – the font the communist party was using to put propaganda slogans all over every government building (read: every building) to teach citizens obedience – think about them like enormous, totally out of control (with unlimited spending) and endless presidential campaign under “work hard – you owe it to your party” or “good citizens save on fuel” slogans. Now, what is this guy advertising the most is Volga and Dnepr – two biggest Russian rivers (thats is right, Russians have biggest rivers too) but also two products he must have fallen in love with: AN124 which is a plane and KRAZ250S is a truck. Why he took so much effort to display that strange combination? Will we ever know all the secrets of communist brainwash? I don’t think so.

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