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The Power Of Recommendation

Well, we just have seen a guy recommending Russian rivers and other wonderful products he never owned – here is a guy recommending-not his 2009  Volvo VT880 he is apparently stuck with. If you didn’t notice yet – he added three letters to the sunvisor – P O S. When we can’t be 100% sure what he meant – this premium Volvo model was quietly pulled out of the market due to notorious, strange quality problems the factory couldn’t solve – and that even has nothing to do with the  D16 engine problems which are another horrible story. So, we have a guy who is not ashamed  to admit he made a mistake buying this thing – this is more of free market approach and I like his message. Old truckers have enough balls to think about each other

Volvo VT880 POS


Volvo VT880 POS

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  1. luke

    Actually it was the d16 motor that had the problems…the injectors were bad and so were the turbos…same problem with cummons holset. The radiator needed to be replaced also…thing wad when these trucks shit the bed nobody knew how to work on them because most mack dealers were forced to work on these pieces of equipment…ive had mine for almost 10 years now…just normal wear and tear…motor ran better at 600,000 than it did when new. Almost a million on her now…d16 625… she’ll out pull most peterbilts in the mountains

    August 16, 2016 at 3:55 am

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