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Don Hastings. “He was KOOL before KOOL was KOOL”

Thats what Cliff Whitley said about Don lately it was last, missing piece of puzzle in my long term research about KOOL. It started when my sweet wife told me once how they were leaving Minnesotta on their way (with her ex-boyfriend then) to New Jersey and they rolled over in the middle of snow storm and when cop arrived to the scene, he said “all right kids, I’m gonna take you home now” and he took them to his house, where his wife served them dinner and made them bed so they could stay warm. When I heard this story it got stuck in my mind because I had no clue about Northerners, being Sotherner myself. But I also left seeking luck in New York where obviously met my wife and since she wasn’t impressed with her partner driving skills – I stole her and some time after that we went to Far West, running away scared of East (nothing new, we did that before) – and ended up on some insanely incredibly beautiful beach on the most westward Hawaii Island called Kauai. Problem was, sun was setting down and it made me feel like I run this world and decided to make a statement by taking that Jeep 4×4 for a ride along the water and sunk it so badly we couldn’t dig it out for so long, the Pacific started coming up asking for it. We were exhausted digging like crazy and and about to give up when somehow (not sure how. No clue how) a guy taking a walk with his wife appeared and asked if we need some help, then let the air out of tires and pulled out like pro because thats who he was – he used to play in mud his whole life with construction equipment he owned. In Minnesotta. Thats where he was from. Then, few years later I have met Don Hastings on a trucking forum where despite wild criticism sparkled by some very sophisticated joke I was pulling on them all – he was the first guy to like my truck pictures. Now, the thing is Don is the man who took the best trucking picture I have ever seen. But it was before anyone even knew whats KOOL – yet they knew that in Minnesota. They got it going on. I’ll try to get his permission to post this picture. You will get it then.

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  1. Cory

    Don Hastings is the man, Legend and Myth. Super cool dude. I enjoy hanging with him when I get the chance in Kasson. Good fella!

    February 17, 2013 at 4:18 pm

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