Pictures of Big Shots

Rollin & VanPelt. A Big Victory.

I couldn’t sleep in Laramie last night. Laramie suffered initially from lawlessness. Its first mayor, M.C. Brown, resigned after three turbulent weeks in mid-1868, saying that the town was “ungovernable.” This was much due to threats he received from three half-brothers, early Old West gunman “Big” Steve Long, Con Moyer and Ace Moyer. Long was Laramie’s first marshal, and with his brothers owned the saloon Bucket of Blood. The three began harassing settlers, forcing them to sign over the deeds to their property to them. Any who refused were killed, usually goaded into a gunfight by Long. By October 1868, Long had killed 13 men. However, the first Albany County sheriff, rancher N. K. Boswell, organized a “Vigilance Committee”, and on October 28, 1868, Boswell led the committee into the Bucket of Blood, overwhelmed the three brothers, and lynched them at an unfinished cabin down the street. Through a series of other lynchings and other forms of intimidation, the vigilantes reduced the “unruly element” and established a semblance of law and order. So, it was either the spirit of pre-1868 western frontier making me restless or… there was too much light last night. Pictured below are two absolutely top notch rides: Rollin and Vanpelt parked just West of Laramie and screaming VICTORY! Because  when I don’t know about white one (Vanpelt) the dark one (Rollin) is a… company truck driven by company driver which is absolutely unthinkable fact in todays transportation world being dictated by Walmarts and Englands who want us to believe they only can afford the cheapest piece of shit trucks and (more importantly) are forced to hire unskilled drivers because there is no money in trucking. Last night that corporate bullshit line was brutally lynched.  There is enough money to treat your employee right. It can be done


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