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Dangerous Minds

Those guys are still out there and rolling smoke like they used to in the sixties. They are posing  extreme danger to todays status quo set up between main stream media, big corporations and their puppet  politicians with their own army of dumb servants – government workers. The order they have created serves them well at the cost of single citizen working his ass to have ends meet.  Now, this is where the problem is starting to grow very fast: The Internet and Facebook allows for extremely fast and intense knowledge transfer and these old dogs are diggin it. That is right. Old Skool truckers are computer smart and started networking a while ago. And they blow youngsters minds with the stories that are big blast from the past. All this fake modern world created to be human farm is being compromised by truth from the guys who could build truck out of trailer and feed whole village if need be. Young means fool but it also mean good eye. We might be dumb. But we sure are not blind. It’s not that hard to figure out who is wrong and who is right – you want to save the climate? Come here and grab those stacks – and let’s see what you gonna eat

PolskaJazdaCollection1372 PolskaJazdaCollection1372 b PolskaJazdaCollection1372 a PolskaJazdaCollection1371

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  1. Jon

    Great catch on the old KW Art. She’s a bit rough but dang, that’s a 50 year old truck still out earning it’s keep! Some pretty interesting customization there too!

    March 16, 2013 at 1:50 pm

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