Pictures of Big Shots

10-4 Magazine. Worldwide.

Here comes my little glory moment – first full-page trucking picture in trucking magazine distributed worldwide. I highly doubt there is another printed publication about trucks that can be picked up from a rack in America, Australia, Asia and… Europe (imagine that) while still being FREE. Quality all around at no charge. This kind of enterprise can only be possible in California and only by bunch of extraordinary people. I’m still not sure how and why they let me be part of this operation but there is more secrets to be revealed in September issue due to Magazine’s 10-th Anniversary anyway. If you are new to trucking and not sure what the hell I am talking about check this: 10-4 Magazine or the Facebook page or The Spirit Of American Trucker

Just be forewarned – if you never had anything to do with US truckers… it may blow you out of your socks.


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