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FLC Shaker. The Last Gunfighter

This is the last true American Freightliner – built before Germans took over in early 90’s. Before that… deadly games of pride were played and livin’ was mistakes not made – according to Johny Cash. Those trucks are mostly roaming wild workhorses and rarely you see them customized – but when you do… well its pure c l a s s. Just look at the white&green one below. Their drivers are almost always old hands who been doing this for a while, so long that they don’t even wave when passing by. No. They don’t wave that nice little trucker’s handshake. They throw WHOLE ARM and you can almost hear them screaming “Hell yeah! whatta ride!!!” with that crazy, happy smile on their face. The kinda smile only passionate drivers still have after thirty to fifty years behind that big, 18-inch steering wheel. Except you don’t hear shit since those trucks are loud, iron rambling devices –  the one at the bottom is 1984 with CAT 3406B, unfortunately some hot California Cowgirl pulled into that little truckstop and derailed our discussion, so no more mechanical data is available at the time of publishing this article.PolskaJazdaCollection1426 PolskaJazdaCollection1425 PolskaJazdaCollection1403 b PolskaJazdaCollection1254 PolskaJazdaCollection1419 PolskaJazdaCollection1393 PolskaJazdaCollection1340 PolskaJazdaCollection1423PolskaJazdaCollection1424

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  1. tony reeves

    First trip I toke California was in Flc man them was the good days .

    May 7, 2013 at 9:15 am

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