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Bj Carr. Smart Outlaw Kid

Funny how just couple hours after exchanging few words on Keep On Trucking facebook group I suddenly run into him at Ocean Mist in Castroville, CA. He is backin up and just walking down the trailer to open the doors when talkin on the phone at the same time. What did I do? I pulled the horn like a complete moron would – three long pulls at that, like he is blocking my way and I am in a big hurry –  except he is not blocking anyone, but couldn’t even see me.  This make me laugh hard – I knew it aggravated him because its very easy to have truckers mad at California coolers – most of them are already pissed waiting for hours just to be lied again on the phone about how their product is going to be ready soon just to… wait few more hours – getting produce loaded sucks bad. My extremely sophisticated joke worked only  partially though – Bj peeks out of the trailer and immediately recognizes my ride and waves me laughing, which is puzzling AND NICE because we have never met yet – apparently it pays to have chicken lights in all the wrong places. But he admits – hearing my horn made him wanna slap that idiot into face coz when his broker didn’t lie (wow) – the bad news was that even though they got him a door – the product wasn’t ready and wont be for next 2 hours so he can kiss his 3 next appointments goodbye. At least we could have nice chat – this young dude from Jackson, MS is way too smart for his 25 years life and lots of this came from his big trucking family – he started driving when 13 or 14 yo. “Where I am from you can’t be weak minded because you will become product of your environment”  he says. So he runs this high mileage 2013 Volvo like it was some Grumman evaluation unit – “I have few nephews to take care of,  show them a way out of trouble, all I can do is give all the glory n praise to my parents (both deceased) for raising the hard working man I am today”.  That’s how we get real truckers after all – and that’s what made this Volvo look so good that night.


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