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Cole. Lights In The Tunnel

There is old school of photography saying you need to come up with a situation plan for interior pictures – because you need to think of exact light positioning, right angles, shadows and such. I don’t have any idea about those things whatsoever because I’m no photographer. So, when last night I noticed bunch of bullhaulers behind me I was wondering how to grab a few shots of leading rig because it was awesome Peterbilt 362 “E”, the latest model of Peterbilt cabover I think. One shinny piece of trucking history rolling thru Nevada. It was late and weather was bad but we were coming toward a tunnel and it was perfect interior for some amateur photography. Problem was, they were behind me and not really crazy about passing me in the tunnel so I needed some bright idea to get that rare Pete in hammer lane and came up with very ugly plan. Quarter mile before the tunnel I turned right blinker and kept it on, like I’m going to take an off ramp. The driver noticed this strange behavior and took his rig to the left lane – good deal, I thought. Now, as we entered the tunnel I moved to part two – taped the brakes and started slowing down, just barely, like I’m gonna really take that non-existing exit leading to imaginary truckstop. I knew, this trucker is well seasoned veteran who knows that this happens once in a while. Thing was, we were in a tunnel. Yes, you got that right – he dropped the hammer running for his life thru the tunnel like it nobody business. And thats exactly what I wanted – the kinda pictures were never taken before.  Sometimes I think my life would be easier with working CB.

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BJ & The Bear Still Hauling Freight

After seeing brand new Kenworth truck that wasn’t really new because it was looking almost exactly like other model and was sitting disabled on the side of I-80 just past the scales before it even got to the dealer – here is why we might be a little disgusted at the qualities provided by today “World’s Best”. Just west of Green River, WY (there is not much reasons to be there except going West) I spotted the original BJ & The Bear movie truck – 1980 KW K100 cabover became world famous about 30 years ago and now being one of top few movie-trucks easily recognized thanks to hugely successful show and distinctive red & white painting is… still hauling freight. And looking simply great!
BJ & The Bear Kenworth K100BJ & The Bear Kenworth K100BJ & The Bear Kenworth K100BJ & The Bear Kenworth K100

Real Men Don’t Work For Oppressive Governments

Here it rolls – The New World Order trucker. He works directly for German company specialized in people with all sort of traceable devices – in other words they run around our beloved USA (at least 4 years already) designating people with the marks of the Beast so the government can have a full control over what is being said and done against their tyranny. Everyone openly criticizing them will be momentarily located and eliminated so the rest of already dumbened sheeps will keep taking their 3-months old babies for midnight screening of brutal fairy tales featuring comic characters. Its been practiced in 1930’s Nazi  Germany so there is little surprise that the truck below is sporting German plates – as a part of US Government venture it doesn’t even have to be registered or have proper DOT number – they are above any law. Here is the funny part: that brainwashed driver was taken for a girl so many times now he displays big ass letters “MAN” declaring his sex – nobody cares though.  Only sissies work for oppressive governments

Real men work for their families, use real trucks and have real balls. Here are few of them sporting K100 Aerodyne. Good taste too – these are probably best looking cabovers ever made. True Owner Operators enjoy freedom of choice – its hard to sell them anything ugly much less marks of the beast. And thats why government wants to eliminate them first using CARB emission laws

Bad Canucks

PolskaJazdaCollection 1101

Some countries were re-designed to become socialist utopia long time ago and you can tell which ones are more then others by the the number of owner operator’s trucks in whole truck population because O/O’s are freedom-sensitive. They need some minimum amount of space to breathe and communist economy kills them the way its happening in Canada now – yes, I’m not even talking about Europe – I’m talking Canada where if you make hundred grands you need to send HALF of it in taxes to the gov so they can spend it on all the programs supporting lazy people so they will never ever get incentive to start own business but become hard core left-wing supporters instead. That’s also handy for mega-fleets when the few oligarchs can control all the freight using “green” trucks (they paint them green lately too, just to pretend its about environment) driven by newcomers freshly imported from places where $20 buys you low-mileage freshly overhualed riksha. Problem is, even then there will be few rotten apples from that banned garden who don’t belong to commies “paradise”… My hat goes off to those few proud Canadians from Ontario pictured below… Absolutely stunning performance on I-80 and that Powerliner is unmatched



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