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The Power Of Recommendation

Well, we just have seen a guy recommending Russian rivers and other wonderful products he never owned – here is a guy recommending-not his 2009  Volvo VT880 he is apparently stuck with. If you didn’t notice yet – he added three letters to the sunvisor – P O S. When we can’t be 100% sure what he meant – this premium Volvo model was quietly pulled out of the market due to notorious, strange quality problems the factory couldn’t solve – and that even has nothing to do with the  D16 engine problems which are another horrible story. So, we have a guy who is not ashamed  to admit he made a mistake buying this thing – this is more of free market approach and I like his message. Old truckers have enough balls to think about each other

Volvo VT880 POS


Volvo VT880 POS

The Power Of Brainwash

Here comes a little brainstorm from one of those Russian trucks – I’d say it is the most developed production I have ever seen and it might be worth closer look – you might love America a bit more after that. First thing we see here are big ass simple, rustic letters – the font the communist party was using to put propaganda slogans all over every government building (read: every building) to teach citizens obedience – think about them like enormous, totally out of control (with unlimited spending) and endless presidential campaign under “work hard – you owe it to your party” or “good citizens save on fuel” slogans. Now, what is this guy advertising the most is Volga and Dnepr – two biggest Russian rivers (thats is right, Russians have biggest rivers too) but also two products he must have fallen in love with: AN124 which is a plane and KRAZ250S is a truck. Why he took so much effort to display that strange combination? Will we ever know all the secrets of communist brainwash? I don’t think so.


“Homesickness is. . . absolutely nothing. Fifty percent of the people in the world are homesick all the time. You don’t really long for another country. You long for something in yourself that you don’t have, or haven’t been able to find”  This is some thought I can relate to seeing this Michelin Man Doll equipped Volvo with black painted sides that are distinctive to… Scania’s sleeper “window” that isn’t even a window – just a shape of it. It looks like someone immigrated from Eurozone to US and is missing something… No big deal – few more years and initial distraction will be gone, right?

Well… WRONG. It seems the original Volvo didn’t last long enough to kill the EU aftertaste. There is replacement – that is right – the Czech driver replaced the green one with newer, white one just to… make it look like the old one which is supposed to remind him Scania by having that fake-fake window again. Some people just can’t appreciate what they have… next time I’ll see him I will offer buying him ticket back to Europe. It breaks my heart seeing him suffer so bad here in Paccar Country


Volvo’s secret weapon for 2012

Here is my first close encounter with newest, updated and widely advertised VN. When Volvo – World’s biggest truck maker (or second, not sure) release new stuff everyone is watching because it sure is big player widely recognized thanks to their excellent implementation of vacuum cleaner shapes into hood. These folks brought here integral sleepers in the 80’s too, because sleeping was always important part of European trucking and that’s their historical input – trucks that are great when parked. Those qualities became even more handy when Volvo USA decided to start selling their own engines – all those drivers waiting for parts or qualified mechanics to fill out the job application form and get hired just in time to install them parts when they arrive from that long trip overseas – these drivers sure appreciated the big, comfortable sleepers when parked at various Volvo dealership locations. Enough history – we are talking 2012 model. The groundbreaking change is in the mirrors. Thats right, they figured the mirrors are the only and last weak point on the VN and redesigned them completely so they can claim huge, 3% fuel efficiency gains. The market is holding its breath.

Volvo VN for 2012

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