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Classic Of The Future – 579

I’m slowly realizing what is happening – Denton is pulling another classy stunt with their newest model. Few years ago they cornered Class 8 market with true Classic (389) and true Aero (387) but since they were both extreme wings – they came up with something for everyone – aerodynamic classic: 386. The debate will never end – some say it’s not aero nor it is really classic but whats really matter – they sold a lot of them to old skool truckers/premium fleets that became aware of worsening economy conditions and started thinking about saving fuel. Such a model lineup was pure marketing genius. But now, after 13 years since last truly new model introduction (387 in 1999) – they figure it’s time for new hit – what you see below is the future only truck that will be still called “classic” due to long hood, squared grille and somewhat flat roofline. Kenworth gave up traditional look with their new 680 – Peterbilt did it again….

That Troubling Taste Of Freedom

I picked those four pictures out of bunch of other shots taken that day because they seemed to have something in common. Wasn’t really sure what exactly was it till I got into conversation with one of the admins of one of bulletin boards and he helped me figure that out by kicking my butt out one more time over having the little logo of BRS site in the signature. He was told by the forum owner it needs to go because he didn’t like banners so he told him to tell me I need to take it out because when it is not really a banner and my website doesn’t really advertise or sell anything but still the owner didn’t like it. I reply that I don’t take orders from anyone but I understand there are lot of tools that do that so he can do it himself and that was it. That’s when it occurred to me why general public don’t really like independent truckers when they admire their freedom in the same time. The unique, personalized rigs on these pictures make for freedom banners. Freedom from being someone else tool, something most people will never get to feel days


“The Cowboys” Myth

There is that popular notion around the World that American Truckers are modern day cowboys who sleep under open sky whenever and wherever they feel like they wanna cut a nap because they run mustangs of their choice freely over the prairies and deserts for days with nobody in sight or even talk to. I’m being serious – that is what millions of people believe is taking place on endless US open highways… Now, I’m not sure where is this strange belief coming from because it just doesn’t make much sense to me – come on, seriously who  in the right mind would believe this “western” movie is still going on in 21 Century – known for passwords and logins required to check own thoughts transmitted wirelessly to Book of Faces – centralized government database.

Bumperless & Numberless

There is ongoing effort to turn most of people into numbers by depleting them from individuality and turn them into simple, piss-poor, brainwashed assets. This hundred year old plan is being successfully introduced: we see more and more people who eat, think and do things in similar manner. Mega-Fleet drivers being great example of what they want us to become. It’s not something really hard to figure out – just look at the picture below, CRETE – for example –  is using big ass letters and bold font to proudly announce that they are not hiring drivers. Nope. They just posses them – they are just a… r e s o u r c e. Of course nobody even remotely think there is eventually maybe something wrong with calling other man “resource” – what is really important to corporate owners is to have them “resources” pinpointed with one foot accuracy so every shareholder can see where they are located.

OK, enough of this bullshit. Some people know well how to fight this madness… doing something unpredictable by the system… Take off your bumper and and you won’t be just a number. You will be one of kind creation exactly the way we all were meant to be.

The Peterbilt People

One of the most amazing things about American Trucking is that never ending battle between two extreme fractions. First: Hardcore Conservaties – people who say you are not allowed to make changes to what Peterbilt Factory created because if you do it’s not going to reflect the way they were building them trucks at that time. You can kill the spirit and end up with worthless, undesired piece of steel on wheels. They believe in Intelligent Design and are happy with it. They are satisfied.

And… then there is opposition, The Dark Forces Of Progress. These folks believe there is better way and will go extra mile to find it. They are not afraid to take some really extreme measures, serious stuff that wouldn’t even cross true Conservatives mind. Like, for example shaving the headlights off the radiator.

On the top of these two we will have few folks that are totally out of this world and there is serious doubt if we will ever have them back. They are probably possessed by Kenworth lobby or were simply abducted in early years. Nobody knows what really happened so when they roll into truckstops conversations get muted and everyone is watching with disbelief:

Jokes aside, most of these guys are hard working, God-fearing family supporters. It really takes faith to stay on the road as an O/O in the pagan days we see lately


I was wrong.

And I admit it. I used to think that all KW 900 “L” drivers are dicks. As opposed to those  driving KW 900 “A” who are always cool truck driving fools from the old skool – it’s just two different generations of people and it’s not limited to trucking, oh no. Somehow we loosing that famous American Kindness as those good old folks retire from life and are being replaced by their sons and grandsons who – let’s be honest -are not up to specs. Spoiled, slacking jerks. My opinion was very well thought out and based on precise observation -one of them filpped me a bird once. Thats right, I know – hard to believe but it happened. He was actually driving Peterbilt, but the bad taste from that sad situation remained for few years and I would avoid publishing of any 900 “L” shots under no circumstances – except if I new the guy to be good dude. But today I was shocked to see this… just pure, perfect happiness behind the wheel. This is not a joke. Click on the pic, zoom it. People this happy are unable to be pricks.

Ladies and Gentleman. Diller Company, Myerstown, PA:

Future Large Cars (part 1)

This new category is about today’s best looking trucks working the Interstate 80. Sometime in the future they will be considered big old school rides of 10’s I have no slightest doubt about it… but today they are are simply too modern and too new,

nobody knows if they will last long enough to build its own history or will make enough money to keep them on the road or if their current owners don’t sell them for any other reason to someone who turn them into junk. Only time will tell…. But at this point these are sure candidates, simply incredible jobs, pure pleasure watching their owners developing them slowly, step by step into one of a kind creations of own personal style. Of course Peterbilt vs. Kenworth debate still can not be settled

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