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Street Petes CONVOY

It’s been a while since anything was posted here due to BigRigShots co-working on The CONVOY facebook community page. There will be a CONVOY of trucks going from Grayling, MI to St. Ignace, MI on September 12,  2013. Anyone can join. It’s taking place on Thursday then there is truckshow on Friday and Saturday. It is trucker’s family gathering. For those on facebook, here is a link:

Few pictures from the project:

Street Petes CONVOY 017 bStreet Petes CONVOY 99 Street Petes CONVOY 097 Street Petes CONVOY 093 Street Petes CONVOY 070 Street Petes CONVOY 069 Street Petes CONVOY 068 Street Petes CONVOY 066 Street Petes CONVOY 064 Street Petes CONVOY 063 Street Petes CONVOY 054 Street Petes CONVOY 050 Street Petes CONVOY 045 Street Petes CONVOY 042 Street Petes CONVOY 039 Street Petes CONVOY 034 Street Petes CONVOY 022

Convoy. The Word Is Spreading

I just talked to the driver of this rig – it wasn’t long conversation. It was short conversation – I only asked him if he would consider taking part in CONVOY  on September 12 in Michigan and he said he would. Everyone else is reacting the same way. It is coming.

PolskaJazdaCollection1428 i of PolskaJazdaCollection1428 h PolskaJazdaCollection1428 f PolskaJazdaCollection1428 a

FLC Shaker. The Last Gunfighter

This is the last true American Freightliner – built before Germans took over in early 90’s. Before that… deadly games of pride were played and livin’ was mistakes not made – according to Johny Cash. Those trucks are mostly roaming wild workhorses and rarely you see them customized – but when you do… well its pure c l a s s. Just look at the white&green one below. Their drivers are almost always old hands who been doing this for a while, so long that they don’t even wave when passing by. No. They don’t wave that nice little trucker’s handshake. They throw WHOLE ARM and you can almost hear them screaming “Hell yeah! whatta ride!!!” with that crazy, happy smile on their face. The kinda smile only passionate drivers still have after thirty to fifty years behind that big, 18-inch steering wheel. Except you don’t hear shit since those trucks are loud, iron rambling devices –  the one at the bottom is 1984 with CAT 3406B, unfortunately some hot California Cowgirl pulled into that little truckstop and derailed our discussion, so no more mechanical data is available at the time of publishing this article.PolskaJazdaCollection1426 PolskaJazdaCollection1425 PolskaJazdaCollection1403 b PolskaJazdaCollection1254 PolskaJazdaCollection1419 PolskaJazdaCollection1393 PolskaJazdaCollection1340 PolskaJazdaCollection1423PolskaJazdaCollection1424

MATS 2013 – Lightshow

We like it bright. So other lost highway souls can have something to follow up on.

PolskaJazda MATS 2013 100 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 101 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 102 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 103 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 104 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 105 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 106 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 107 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 108 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 109 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 110 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 111 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 112 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 113 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 114 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 115 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 116 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 117 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 118 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 119 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 120 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 121 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 122 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 123 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 124 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 125 PolskaJazda MATS 2013 126MATS 3012

MATS 2013 – Daylight


Few more shots

PolskaJazda2013 MATS 034 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 033PolskaJazda2013 MATS 001 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 002 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 003 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 004 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 005 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 006 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 008 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 009 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 010 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 011 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 012 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 013 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 014 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 015 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 016 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 017 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 018 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 019 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 020 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 021 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 022 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 023 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 024 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 025 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 026 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 027 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 028 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 029 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 030 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 031 PolskaJazda2013 MATS 032 RAW_2726 RAW_2902

MATS 2013 – Getting Ready

Here a are few pics from the Wendnesday evening and then late, cold night when everyone is doing finishing touches to get that “killer” look for coming opening.

PolskaJazda2013  ATS 28 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 27 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 26 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 25 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 22 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 21 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 20 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 19 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 18 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 17 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 16 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 15 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 14 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 13 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 11 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 12 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 10 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 08 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 05 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 04 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 03 PolskaJazda2013  ATS 02

Dangerous Minds

Those guys are still out there and rolling smoke like they used to in the sixties. They are posing  extreme danger to todays status quo set up between main stream media, big corporations and their puppet  politicians with their own army of dumb servants – government workers. The order they have created serves them well at the cost of single citizen working his ass to have ends meet.  Now, this is where the problem is starting to grow very fast: The Internet and Facebook allows for extremely fast and intense knowledge transfer and these old dogs are diggin it. That is right. Old Skool truckers are computer smart and started networking a while ago. And they blow youngsters minds with the stories that are big blast from the past. All this fake modern world created to be human farm is being compromised by truth from the guys who could build truck out of trailer and feed whole village if need be. Young means fool but it also mean good eye. We might be dumb. But we sure are not blind. It’s not that hard to figure out who is wrong and who is right – you want to save the climate? Come here and grab those stacks – and let’s see what you gonna eat

PolskaJazdaCollection1372 PolskaJazdaCollection1372 b PolskaJazdaCollection1372 a PolskaJazdaCollection1371

Charles Ogden

This truck comes back with two new shots. Bad, dark photos against the sun that are technically junk but this 359 looks so classy and shines so hard it don’t matter much. This is probably top 359 I’ve seen on I-80 lately. And mostly due to those super-thin stripes, well, less is more again. Illinois strikes hard! Marseilles, to be exact. Good to see IL plate on something different then white Volvo for a change…

PolskaJazdaCollection1328 a PolskaJazdaCollection1328 b

The Spooner

If Route 66 is “Mother Road” – this 1961 Peterbilt can be easily called “Mother Truck” because it’s so widely known and admired. The owner, Robert Spooner from Batesville, Arkansas is driving it since… the 60’s or so I have heard on LCM forum, there is also information, that it has new motor – 2007 Cummins N14 525 which is interesting upgrade for needle-nose hood and small radiator. Reportedly, has some serious pulling power according to witness who also talked to the owner. Pictures taken this morning in Wyoming, just by Elk Mountain, I have seen it few years back too and it didn’t changed one bit. But then, few years for REAL Peterbilt is like mere few weeks on modern trucks. Time is not equal for everyone, something obvious when you see things of this magnitude

PolskaJazdaCollection1327 aPolskaJazdaCollection1327 bPolskaJazdaCollection1327 c

The American Way

I know last two posts were hard on you my friends and some might be wondering WTF all those East-European truckers and Swedish trucks are doing here on BRS. Easy. Thats was just a intro to talk about how its being done right way – you don’t buy new truck to get into haulling freight anymore.  You need 1984 Pete 359 and if it happen to be short hood – you slam the cab  to make it look right. Tiny, short sleeper will expose enough of frame to put your name – then flip the doors, figure unique color scheme and you are on your way. Everyone will look at you, so you gotta know when to wave – thats how you build your business American Way. It might take more than few days but you’ll be OK  – just keep on trucking.

UPDATE: I have had pleasure talking to Steve Mitchell, here is what he said about this awesome build:  “I’m 26…..built the whole truck by myself with help from my dad and 15 year old neighbor kid….Cabs 84 & part of the frame…..cabs chopped 4 inches with suicide doors and one piece windows….converted to 73 pete dash… hoods from 73… sleepers from 79… custom unibilted the cab and sleeper and put them on air ride. Converted to single turbo c15 out of a 2000 Pete and converted to single drive with pusher axle mounted on a Canadian spread….truck has an aluminum frame also”

slammed Peterbilt 359 from 1984

slammed Peterbilt 359 from 1984slammed Peterbilt 359 from 1984


1953 Peterbilt 350 “Untouchable”

The most common stereotype about truckers goes to the dumpster every time this kinda truck is around. General public wants to believe the portrait painted by mainstream media: poor, dumb, uneducated jerk who can’t drive without crashing into low bridges and rearending them poor ABCNNBC viewers for no reason other than cutting off that big rig just to get to their exit ramp.  All this carefully painted “image” is fading when they see this 1953 Peterbilt 350 sitting on 1990 chassis sporting 310″ wheelbase and mirror finish stainless steel underbody panels…. moving freight. Because real trucking is a bit more than moving your junk from A to B but that is a little too much to comprehend when you get paid just for reading from teleprompter when looking half good. It takes long years of hard work to get it.

1953 Peterbilt 350 "Untouchable"1953 Peterbilt 350 "Untouchable"1953 Peterbilt 350 "Untouchable"

Iowa80 Trucking Museum

Trip02 2012 2

Just some pictures from Walcott, IA where all true truckers come to see the roots. Probably the most fascinating Trucking Museum in the USA located at likely greatest truckstop called Iowa80. Along Interstate 80, of course

Gene Petrosky. True Spirit Of American Trucker

Here are pictures from last year that are documenting one of my life definig moments – few seconds of the most incredible action I have ever been part of. I just dug those pics because Gene Petrosky  posted sad news about blown engine and I wanted to finally send him those pics promised long time ago. You see, we have never really met and the closest we have ever been to was the second he passed me in Wyoming last summer. Now, as I went thru the pictures again I’m figuring them to be the most amazing shots I have ever took and I have no idea how come they are came out like this. I can see the light was good but… come on – if you look at them closely you can see Wyoming in the 80’s – he took me back 30 years  without knowing what he did when he did it – just look… So, we have some serious time traveling here – but this is non issue. Get this: the most incredible moment is not on the pictures because I couldn’t push release button – I was stunned to see what I saw when he pulled right beside me – thats THE moment I’m talking about. I have seen the cutest little girl standing on passenger seat, touching the window with both tiny hands when smiling to me as her father piloted this old truck from that small, cozy cab jerking the old school, white steering wheel as they flew by. I was so amazed, it took me full second before I realized that was probably the most touching trucking scene I have ever witnessed. That’s how the article for my second ever column in September 2011 10-4 Magazine‘s was born. In that very split of the second. Now, knowing how hard overhaul time can be on a trucker I just want to say this white 1980 Kenworth “A” is filled with pure Spirit of American Trucker thus will never die.



Built by Peterbilt

First, let’ figure out what we are dealing with exactly and to do this I wrote to one of the top Peterbilt historians – Tim Ahlborn and this is what he said:

There are several years represented in the photo. The truck itself, a 351 is a pre’66 judging by the metal (not rubber) tube for the air cleaner extending into the hood skin. The air cleaner appears to be off an 80’s Freightliner. The sleeper is a 60’s or 70’s vintage Kenworth. The bumper is a later year Peterbilt style. The cab is a post ’61 unilite. The visor is aftermarket. See the lower brace on the right side mirror? It will contact with that tall aircleaner – the truck originally had a much shorter/smaller air cleaner that was mounted lower so that the mirror would clear the air cleaner. If a big air cleaner was originally on the truck, the mirror brace would have been up inside the mirror arms.

So, we have here 61′-66′ rig climbing crazy Grapevine on a reefer run 400 miles away from its homebase. Yes we are talking real professional trucking  where quality built equipment just makes sense. Something must have change since the 60’s though as there is no demand for trucks that last 50 years – instead, everyone seems to want replace them every few years when paying 4-5 times what it cost back then to work for lesser rates when paying 6 times more for fuel.  We are going backwards… by being fully able to compete in demanding produce hauling market using his Peterbilt 351 proves there is something wrong with modern society intelligence levels. Civilization Fail.



God Bless American Trucker

The latest crazy and completely unreasonable (well, unless pure greed is reason enough to halt economy even further) made  me think about where to fuel and I was just doing some calculations when all of the sudden this very happy guy somehow materialized right by me and at this very moment all my potential savings went thru the stacks:

I didn’t see him in my mirrors really which was surprising at first but it took me only 1 second to figure out why. Let me tell you this – I was seeing guys running this hard before but I can’t remember when. This is my view for another 30 minutes as I started to chase him to take proper shot. Problem was, my 565 was having hard time keeping up getting closer only on longer pulls

He slowed down to pull over to truckstop but thanks to this wild ride I noticed my pyrometer readings went down – for what we were doing exhaust temperatures stayed quite reasonable. Big motors need to breathe – I just wonder what happened to so-called progress in diesel technologies since I couldn’t keep up with 1981 Kewnorth and likely mechanical CAT. I just want to know what these folk were doing for last 20 years except making money pushing bullshit emission devices of course

Now, just look how perfectly The Cross fits that cozy space behind the sleeper, It meant to be this way, shots like that are impossible to stage  – God Bless True American Truckers, the Last Cowboys who know how to make a living doing what they love doing: working hard their motors to bring the food to everyone’s table


Just buch of truly amazing A’s. Truly, because not only is early KW 900 one of the two most beautiful trucks ever created – that is not enough – these four below are also extremely unique “A”. One is very short WB doing very long haul, one has double bunk, one narrow hood and one… just look…


Truckers Jamboree 2012. Part Two

Here is why we love good truckers and how they have tremendous impact on our reality we are living in. If you slowly look at those pics below you will be taken back into past as you are. There is few shots with trucks lined up on this TA truckstop (thats what famous Iowa80 really is – a truckstop) parked for the hot summer night, some of the still idling, spreading that humming roar, shining reflected lights and since there is no people around… I felt like I was back in the 60’s… Those old truckers (many of them members of ATHS) make it happen. They do it all the time, every day by driving and keeping their old rigs on the road despite rust, tiredness and all the so-called “progress” – bullshit pretension that our life is going to easy-breezy if we only buy newest truck with 6 computers in it monitoring what we do when we don’t even drive it. Truth is… most of this novelty does nothing to help truckers families since it costs more than it brings to family table.  That’s what was obvious there that night – I loved about those 164 minutes I could spend there. Because if something was good in your life you will remember it forever… its good to see so many truckers loving what they do… Truckshows like this blows people minds in a right way. Make all them more conservative. Exactly the way old school truckers are… and they know how to truck to make a living… I’m so going under my truck right now. I need it to last, so some day in far future I could take it to Walcott


“Sweet Adeline”

Here I am passing by Iowa80 truckstop, on of the few most famous trucking places ever know to modern trucker – because even on average weekday there is always something incredible to see as it simply attracts best truckers and white Crapeliner Braggadia with busted bumper is not exactly what they tend to drive –  So I kept my camera handy expecting usual showtime but this time was different. The action was takimg place on the overpass, barely visible, almost hiding behind the cement barrier apparently trying my truck hunting skills. But hood this long can not hide… I grabbed my 6.5 fps Winchester and shot it at the last moment possible. I didn’t have a clue what truck it was until now when I could finally zoom it. Look closely… what you are about to see is pure romance. That old trucker was in love with his Hendrickson… called her “Sweet Adeline”. It must have been good, lasting relationship….


Like Father Like Son

The man in Real Truckers mentioned his son is driving 1979 “A” – something real close to his own ride and it made me wonder because there is no coincidences like that. Last Friday I have seen them both pulling out of TA in Ft. Bridger and decided to take closer look because I knew there is gotta be something amazing going on again and… I was right. Here is what I’ve seen – the father and son moving oversize loads using two 33 year old trucks that look alike – even paint shows the same pattern of sun damage. You bet the old man transferred all the knowledge to his boy and they both are rolling encyclopedias on how to run “A” forever and make some serious money when doing it. This is what real fathers do to their kids: make them strong so they can survive no matter what. Weak fathers drop their kids so they grow weak – with US divorce rate at over 60% (world leader) no wonder there is so many “steering wheel holders ” with no idea about nothing, much less driving anything. This is what is wrecking this country, not the fuel price or other stupid crap. Clueless people who never had a chance to learn how to be a real father because their own dad was gone are perfectly cheap labor, it is all organized effort on behalf of those corporations who run this country. Here is how to fight it:


Real Truckers

If you’ve read older posts here you could think I’m a smartass who knows everything. Well, you are obviously wrong if you do because I don’t and not claiming that but there is few things about trucking I know. I know those things from real truckers who I follow all my life just to learn from them one single thing at a time. It is slow method but it will cut a lot of crap along the way – a lot of mindless bullshit people are propagating just because they are too dumb to tell the truth from lie. Here is one of those educational situations and one of those good truckers – Ken from Utah. I saw his truck again – it is easy to spot because looks like WW2 submarine just bigger and went to talk to him for a minute or two. He ordered this “A” in 1980 and driving it since pulling this 9-axle for about 3 million miles now. He said he was going to paint the cab but is waiting for a good paying load first (joke) and his son is also driving “A” but from 1979 and that was it. We were standing by his idling 3406 and the sound alone made me high. We were trying to interview him later on but he was too shy, real truckers don’t like publicity. Real truckers like real trucks, that’s all.


Big Ballers

There is nothing more impressive than little-window 1969 Peterbilt 359 still rolling because they made them only for few years, between 1967 and 1972 when the cab got updated and that incredibly bad looking, narrow windshield went away. Except when you see it rolling over Rocky Mountains in Wyoming for two years pulling reefer and competing with everyone out there including brand new, super-duper fuel efficient trucks wearing aero-tails, skirts and all the other mindless crap that supposed to make them to be able cut rates deeper and deeper. Well, apparently this Mauston (Wisconsin…. again) based trucker must have fun laughing his ass off at them $50/day net profit per one truck “modern” truck outfits running all those experimental and never to be paid for nor even partially profitable air-cleaners. That’s what I suspect seeing him – it’s gotta be a lot of fun. Seeing big truckers and real trucks like this one make this job truly enjoyable, they are still out there


Mack Cruise-Liner 1975-1983

Every time I cross the Beaver State state line I’m getting ready for another trucking history lesson as Wisconsin is nothing but one, huge rolling trucking museum full of old iron. Yesterday was no different… got hit hard… couldn’t even tell what make it was thru the snow… which made me feel ashamed and so here is a little research about this awesome Mack I have never even seen before… Thank you WI trucker for reminding the days when new factories were still built here in The States…

The Arab oil boycott late 1973 increased fuel prices and decreased supply. Mack launches a series of products that can save drivers money, including the Maxidyne 300 series engine. This was the first engine with charge-air cooling supplying cooler air to the combustion process resulting in efficiency and durability gains. Responding to new government emissions and safety standards as well as the popularity of its Maxidyne engines, Mack launches a major expansion program. In 1975 the company opens the $10 million Engineering Development Test Center on a 62-acre tract about a mile from world headquarters. That same year it dedicates the $25 million Macungie Assembly Plant, about nine miles from headquarters. The company expands Plant 5C in Allentown, the engine and gear train plant in Hagerstown, Md., the West Coast plant in Hayward, Calif., and the Oakville Plant near Toronto. Mack pushes horsepower and comfort to new heights with the 1974 introduction of the Cruise-Liner. Created for the Western market, the cabover features a popular riveted aluminum cab, larger radiator and engines rated up to 500 horsepower to master long runs through mountainous terrain…

Mack Cruise-Liner built from 1975 to 1983

Mack Cruise-Liner built from 1975 to 1983


Mack Cruise-Liner built from 1975 to 1983



Under Control

I often wonder which will last longer – my truck or my body as both are dragged into this inevitably deadly run called life. I must say I’m really impressed with how the rig is taking the beating – after almost 850,000 miles original frame paint has more shine than brand new Hyundai which I confirmed today laying under her in cold water from melting snow as for first time ever the original 2050 Eaton Easy Pedal clutch failed on me just when I was trying to leave fuel island. Took me a while to figure out how to adjust the clutch  – never had to do it before on this truck as yet –  and when finally started rolling again with big happy grin on my face  – suddenly heard quiet but unmistakeable “f * * * you”. That came from my unhappy kidneys. That’s when I get those “lifespan” thoughts – fortunately soon to be wiped out by some 80 year old trucker in International Transtar 4300 from 80’s who blew by my at high speed, all happy with his thumb up posing to the camera. Some folks have wear & tear under control. It can be done.

1957 Needlenose proves Einstain wrong too

The theory holds that the passage of time is relative to the velocity of the observer. As an observer’s velocity increases, time will slow down, so that, for example, if you left earth and travelled for 10 years at near light speed before returning, at least 100 years would have passed at home. Some therorists have suggested that if one could travel faster than the speed of light, one could actually reverse time and travel back in the past. This has been used in movies like Superman and Star Trek, but Einstein believed that nothing could travel faster than light. Thats where he was wrong – travel faster than light is possible within our brains, just by riding on trains-thoughts. Some time ago I went back in time all the way to year 1957. Of course took my Nikon with me and snapped these two pictures, just to prove it is possible. Science is way overrated.

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