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The Kenworth People

We talked about Peterbit People before here – it is high time to say a word about Kenworth People and the word is: progressive. Scary word no trucker wants to be associated with much less being call that. Thing is 900L owners are just that – they pick one of the two the most conservative, classic trucks on the market and… getting creative, trying to build something new out of it because thats who they really are at heart – innovators. The crazy voices in their heads steered them away from Peterbilt dealership and led them straight to Kenworth. And that is so great to have them – when there is 3 to 4 tricked Petes for one KW – custom KW will spin your head 3 to 4 times faster when you see it. It is one family after all, real family never splits over some stupid bullshit – like the shape of the hood. Progress is trying new things – not implementing socialism. Socialism is not new and never worked – its a guaranteed failure. Kenworth People got it right

Kenworth 900L Modified HoodKenworth 900L Modified HoodKenworth 900L Modified HoodKenworth 900L Modified HoodKenworth 900L Modified HoodKenworth 900L Modified HoodKenworth 900L Modified HoodKenworth 900L Modified Hood

Build it like we’ve never seen it before

After we have seen what biggest truck makers can do when it comes to introducing new models and I think we all can agree they can do not much – lets see what single owner operator can do these days to introduce his own truck to the unsuspecting public. This thing was just spotted in the middle of Wyoming going east. The only thing I know: this is another Crazy Canuck from Ontario as it says on the door which you may or may not see due to poor lighting conditions. There is also “1951” on the hood, which might indicate year… of the cab? Don’t know, never seen anything like it. And thats how you build new truck: like we’ve never seen it before, do you hear that, Peterbilt?

5x “359”

Here is whats wrong with today’s trucking – nobody have skills to keep anything running during warranty period – much less for quarter Century which is when Peterbilt quit building the trucks below.  All the skills people seem to have nowadays oscillate mostly around their smart-phones and ability to propagate  all sort of  totally uncalled messages nobody care to read. But if you dare to have a closer look at the 5 incredible classics you might notice how totally different they are – the owners took time and dedication to pick own unique way of customization to make sure there is no other truck looking like theirs. Which is not exactly what general public would care much about – cheap, fast food and watch favorite  TV-show – that where its at. And when welfare runs out – they will get hired by mega-fleet of their choice – and work so damn cheap, they will allow further rate cuts – nothing like monkey driven lease truck. What I am saying is this – fast  progressing dumbening of The People is killing us. Not the big bussiness – these folks were mentally lost decades ago – there is no hope for them idiots, they think they will carry gold to the other World – their bad. What is all this having to do with truckers below? Nothing – they just don’t belong to greedy vs. dumb pissing match. These guys  are off the chain. Just roaming wild and getting ready to face 5 mind blowing 900″A” next weekend




Communism Is Here

My favorite to way to enjoy Donner Pass is to attack it at night, when there is no traffic but peace & quiet instead. Unfortunately in the winter there is lot of delays caused by weather, accidents, chain-ups etc and that night ride often extends into early morning but early morning is not bad either – as long as there is chain control over the summit and the traffic is held to put them on which is also demotivating enough to see the sight below – keep in mind this is Interstate-80, the busiest trucking corridor in the world they say… not so busy…just pretty…

So, I was really having good time seeing this kinda landscape:

When all of sudden I was passed by two “professional” drivers hauling likely empty containers back to the port following each other so closely and changing lanes on ice so quickly they simply pissed me off so bad my old days in communist Poland got back to me. That is exactly what socialism does to every profession – it is damaging the skills required to become independent coz they (rich commies) hate competition and will rather turn you into stupid, careless laborer with no need for brain. Should they run into each other and make whole westbound shut down for hours? Well, idiots like that have no shame nor guilt – they would blame “bad weather” and move on. From one shitty company to another when crying how they make no money because their fat, rich capitalist bosses run them into the ground for peanuts. Problem is, there seems to be more fools like that every day. Especially with CARB laws making buying own truck cost-prohibitive – but CARB is part of the grand scheme to bring communism here, so it all makes perfect sense



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