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The Power Of Recommendation

Well, we just have seen a guy recommending Russian rivers and other wonderful products he never owned – here is a guy recommending-not his 2009  Volvo VT880 he is apparently stuck with. If you didn’t notice yet – he added three letters to the sunvisor – P O S. When we can’t be 100% sure what he meant – this premium Volvo model was quietly pulled out of the market due to notorious, strange quality problems the factory couldn’t solve – and that even has nothing to do with the  D16 engine problems which are another horrible story. So, we have a guy who is not ashamed  to admit he made a mistake buying this thing – this is more of free market approach and I like his message. Old truckers have enough balls to think about each other

Volvo VT880 POS


Volvo VT880 POS

The Power Of Brainwash

Here comes a little brainstorm from one of those Russian trucks – I’d say it is the most developed production I have ever seen and it might be worth closer look – you might love America a bit more after that. First thing we see here are big ass simple, rustic letters – the font the communist party was using to put propaganda slogans all over every government building (read: every building) to teach citizens obedience – think about them like enormous, totally out of control (with unlimited spending) and endless presidential campaign under “work hard – you owe it to your party” or “good citizens save on fuel” slogans. Now, what is this guy advertising the most is Volga and Dnepr – two biggest Russian rivers (thats is right, Russians have biggest rivers too) but also two products he must have fallen in love with: AN124 which is a plane and KRAZ250S is a truck. Why he took so much effort to display that strange combination? Will we ever know all the secrets of communist brainwash? I don’t think so.

1953 Peterbilt 350 “Untouchable”

The most common stereotype about truckers goes to the dumpster every time this kinda truck is around. General public wants to believe the portrait painted by mainstream media: poor, dumb, uneducated jerk who can’t drive without crashing into low bridges and rearending them poor ABCNNBC viewers for no reason other than cutting off that big rig just to get to their exit ramp.  All this carefully painted “image” is fading when they see this 1953 Peterbilt 350 sitting on 1990 chassis sporting 310″ wheelbase and mirror finish stainless steel underbody panels…. moving freight. Because real trucking is a bit more than moving your junk from A to B but that is a little too much to comprehend when you get paid just for reading from teleprompter when looking half good. It takes long years of hard work to get it.

1953 Peterbilt 350 "Untouchable"1953 Peterbilt 350 "Untouchable"1953 Peterbilt 350 "Untouchable"

The Kenworth People

We talked about Peterbit People before here – it is high time to say a word about Kenworth People and the word is: progressive. Scary word no trucker wants to be associated with much less being call that. Thing is 900L owners are just that – they pick one of the two the most conservative, classic trucks on the market and… getting creative, trying to build something new out of it because thats who they really are at heart – innovators. The crazy voices in their heads steered them away from Peterbilt dealership and led them straight to Kenworth. And that is so great to have them – when there is 3 to 4 tricked Petes for one KW – custom KW will spin your head 3 to 4 times faster when you see it. It is one family after all, real family never splits over some stupid bullshit – like the shape of the hood. Progress is trying new things – not implementing socialism. Socialism is not new and never worked – its a guaranteed failure. Kenworth People got it right

Kenworth 900L Modified HoodKenworth 900L Modified HoodKenworth 900L Modified HoodKenworth 900L Modified HoodKenworth 900L Modified HoodKenworth 900L Modified HoodKenworth 900L Modified HoodKenworth 900L Modified Hood

Iowa80 Trucking Museum

Just some pictures from Walcott, IA where all true truckers come to see the roots. Probably the most fascinating Trucking Museum in the USA located at likely greatest truckstop called Iowa80. Along Interstate 80, of course

BJ & The Bear Still Hauling Freight

After seeing brand new Kenworth truck that wasn’t really new because it was looking almost exactly like other model and was sitting disabled on the side of I-80 just past the scales before it even got to the dealer – here is why we might be a little disgusted at the qualities provided by today “World’s Best”. Just west of Green River, WY (there is not much reasons to be there except going West) I spotted the original BJ & The Bear movie truck – 1980 KW K100 cabover became world famous about 30 years ago and now being one of top few movie-trucks easily recognized thanks to hugely successful show and distinctive red & white painting is… still hauling freight. And looking simply great!
BJ & The Bear Kenworth K100BJ & The Bear Kenworth K100BJ & The Bear Kenworth K100BJ & The Bear Kenworth K100

Scary Movie

What would be Hitchcock’s choice for scary-truck in “Scrap Yard” thriller? It would be CAT truck – psychopatic rig full of twisted logic… rounded hood with… straight-cut fenders and… zig-zag widow lines. Random and unstable. Those CATs are really weird – now they even going to use Cummins aftertreatment…

Well, newest Kenworth T680 don’t look bad anymore.

Kenworth T680. No past, no future – just greed

Here is why we had that tough Paccar meeting few  days ago – Kenworth is cutting off the family tree branch  they were sitting on for so long. They apparently hired some new product managers who just graduated from community college and figured that they no need no stinking tradition. Screw that 100 years of building classic trucks – now they going to cater mega-fleets with T 660 (aero), T 700 (aero) and the newest product shown below: T 680 (aero). They want to outsell Peterbilt 579 (aero with some classic touches) using  new 680 (aero with no touches) – the only problem I see that they don’t is… there is nothing to look at. It looks exactly like  T 700 and I don’t know what their major was but it sure wasn’t marketing. You don’t want to build premium model that looks like the one you are already selling as an economy truck. It’s against basic p r o d u c t  d i f f e r e n t i a t i o n rules. No wonder student loans crisis is just around the corner…

Kenworth T700Kenworth T680New Kenworth T60 Straigh out of factoy and immediately out of service







Classic Of The Future – 579

I’m slowly realizing what is happening – Denton is pulling another classy stunt with their newest model. Few years ago they cornered Class 8 market with true Classic (389) and true Aero (387) but since they were both extreme wings – they came up with something for everyone – aerodynamic classic: 386. The debate will never end – some say it’s not aero nor it is really classic but whats really matter – they sold a lot of them to old skool truckers/premium fleets that became aware of worsening economy conditions and started thinking about saving fuel. Such a model lineup was pure marketing genius. But now, after 13 years since last truly new model introduction (387 in 1999) – they figure it’s time for new hit – what you see below is the future only truck that will be still called “classic” due to long hood, squared grille and somewhat flat roofline. Kenworth gave up traditional look with their new 680 – Peterbilt did it again….

PACCAR Family Affairs

This is strictly confidential and under no circumstances this discussion can let out of our family circle as the problem is of very delicate nature and troubles me deeply. Before we proceed with this secret meeting in our old winery let me introduce myself as a big lover of both branches – I don’t believe there is any advantage Peterbilt has over Kenworth when I don’t buy that crap about how all the trucks are the same tools with different names either – this is wrong. To prove my standing on the matter of superiority of both brands, here is my picture showing me eyeballing random KWhooper Truck:

Now, lets get to the merit. Here is Peterbilt bloodline – grandfather (359) and grandson (389) – anyone can tell there is similarity:

Well, I have asked you to come here tonight, because I want to know WTF HAPPENED HERE ?


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